Passionate young professionals collectively dedicated to creating opportunities to:

  • Embrace diversity
  • Enact local change
  • Encourage social activities and career development

Who We Are

A group of dedicated young professionals living and/or working in Jackson, MI between the ages of 21 to 40.

JXNYP Downtown Jackson Michigan

What We Do

Establish, promote and encourage social and career development opportunities in the Jackson Community. There’s always something to do thanks in part to our 6 committees who are charged with planning activities and communicating the things they would like to see and do. Those committees are:

Membership & Fund Development

The primary goal of the Membership Development committee is to retain and recruit members to JxnYP. This committee works closely with Marketing and Communications to promote JxnYP within Jackson County. The committee also creates a membership directory and works to add more new members to build social and career relationships. Additionally, committee’s responsibility to obtain and oversee donations and sponsorships from local businesses. Members of this committee also develop fundraiser ideas.

Marketing & Communications

Remember seeing all those catchy flyers around town? Ever stop to think about who’s sending out all those email blasts, social media posts, and other news? Well you guessed it; this is the committee that produces all that content! This committee is charged with developing appropriate marketing strategies, creating the content for email blast, social media, as well as print and radio. This committee works to develop relationships with local media and pursue various opportunities to promote the group. They also manage the website content.

Professional Development

This committee spearheads planning business-focused events including educational series, local business tours, seminars, mentoring, etc. This committee also strives to identify professional development needs and solutions within the young professional demographic in Jackson County.

Community Service

This committee is responsible for identifying community service opportunities in Jackson County. Members of this committee work to develop relationships with local businesses/ organizations in need of volunteers.

Social Events

This is one of the more active committees in JxnYP. They are responsible for planning and overseeing all JxnYP signature events from monthly socials, and Holiday parties, to group activities and everything in-between.


Why We Do It

To be the network of young professionals working to make Jackson a great place to live, work and play.