Jackson Young Professionals Celebrate Milestone Anniversary

Jackson Young Professionals (JxnYP) invited members, sponsors and community leaders to join in celebrating their “official” one year anniversary at their first annual dinner on Thursday, May 19th. The event featured guest Master of Ceremonies Bart Hawley, owner of JTV, updates from the Jackson Young Professionals Board of Directors, and testimonials from a variety of […]

Jackson Young Professionals Award $750 Grant to Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan

When the Jackson Young Professionals (JxnYP) was formed in 2014, the mission was clear: support the Jackson community anyway it could. Little did they know, with the help of the Jackson Community Foundation and the Consumers Energy Foundation, they would be able to make an immediate impact on another nonprofit in Jackson. The Foundations helped […]


I used to wear this t-shirt that said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Sometimes it is true. Sometimes it is not. It was certainly an appropriate t-shirt for a young lad like myself. It helped me believe that perseverance and hard […]

Jackson 2.0 – A Call to Action

As a native of this fair city, I’ve been told my entire life that Jackson has seen better days. Apparently, the decline started long before me and this used to be a robust community that all took pride in. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what started this cascade of negativity and diminishment of what Jackson […]

Life Lessons Learned from JxnYP

Jackson Young Professionals (JxnYP) turned one in April! It has been a full twelve months of learning and development.  The life lessons gained from being involved with such a dynamic group are proving to be a valuable, and often priceless, education. Life Lesson #1: relentless planning and organization is the key to our success. Over the course […]

Jackson Young Professionals Say City Has ‘Potential’ During Master Plan Meeting

Young professionals in Jackson believe the city is at a tipping point. When charged with using a word or phrase to describe the city during a meeting recently, words such as “boring,” “empty,” “small” and “self-loathing” were used liberally; though another, more optimistic, thought was also on display: “potential.” “This is truly one of the […]